Step back into a simpler way of life with a visit to Western York County. Sharon is located on Highway 49 between York and Bullocks Creek. A quaint main street with shops and a restaurant greets visitors. A new museum here tells the story of Western York County. Sharon retains much of the romanticism of its former farm life. A number of buildings once devoted to the town’s agricultural days may still be seen. Among these are Hill’s Gin and Warehouse, the Sharon Potato House, and Rainey’s Gin and Office.

Nearby Hickory Grove was once a railroad crossroads, and was known as “the Fifth Avenue of Western York County.” It is now a peaceful and scenic rural community.

Both towns are featured in a self-guided driving brochure called “Getaway on a Country Road.” Other featured towns and communities are Smyrna, McConnells, Bullocks Creek and Filbert. If you’re near Filbert during peach season, a stop at Sanders Farm Stand might be worth your while. You might catch Dori Sanders, the “best-loved peach farmer” and author of two best-selling novels and a country cookbook.

Along the sedate country roads that lead to these towns you will see open fields of hay, wheat and cotton. In these peaceful hills and plains of the Broad River basin watershed, the people still enjoy a degree of rural farm life. Church homecomings are annual events and are still enjoyed as well as “dinner on the grounds.”

The men and women in Western York County have a reputation of being good cooks. And, they are extremely friendly. As you drive through Western York County, you may find folks giving you a friendly wave. If you need directions, just stick your head in any of the local businesses and give ‘em a holler.

“York County has an amazing variety of things to do for my family and myself. Amazing parks and recreation to local dining, York County really has it all!”


Rock Hill, SC